December 21st 1918

Capt. Fergus Ling (1st King Edward’s Horse)

Fergus was always so full of life and energy that his death comes as a very great shock to all who knew him, coming, as it does, after the fighting has ceased.

He saw much severe fighting in France and was mentioned in despatches. He came home on leave in October and never returned. His final weeks were spent in the care of his sister and her husband, Dr. Daniel Rambaut – the uncle of Lieut. Hugh Rambaut (Bedfordshire Yeomanry & Irish Hussars), who was at the OPS (1904-8). The cause of death on December 16th was pulmonary tuberculosis, the first signs of which date back to the early months of this year.

Fergus was the outstanding all-round athlete of his time at the OPS, excelling in cricket, football and athletics. On leaving Bradfield he worked in the corn trade in Liverpool.

He died at Priory Cottage, St. Andrew’s Hospital, Northampton and has been buried next to his parents in Wetheral Cemetery, near Carlisle.

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