John Betjeman

John at Cliff Bank, Trebetherick

John Betjeman and his family used to holiday at Trebetherick in Cornwall, where they met up with Skipper Lynam’s brother ‘Hum’ and his family. John had not been happy at his school in Highgate and Hum persuaded the Betjemans that John should attend the OPS.

The future Poet Laureate joined the OPS as a ten year old boarder in the Summer Term of 1917. John was very homesick to begin with and Skipper spent some time with him, arm on his shoulder, getting him through it.

He later wrote about his time at the school in ‘Summoned By Bells’, in which he recalled Skipper Lynam reading out the names of those who had died “for King and Country and the Dragon School.”

The news, John could see, caused Skipper considerable grief, but for the boys what was of far greater interest or concern were their bicycles, gangs “and what there was for prep.”


Throughout his time at the OPS his name was spelt ‘Betjemann’ with the second ‘n’ – and that is how it appears in posts on this site.

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