March 31st 1922


Born September 9th 1912. Died March 19th 1922.

“Hector was the only son of Eric, the Skipper’s Cabin Boy and one of the most loved of all ODs; who, with two of his brothers, lost his life in the war.

Hector came to Mr Stradling’s Junior House last September; a bright little fellow, showing much promise both in work and games. He had a moderately severe attack of influenza towards the end of the epidemic and was just about to return to school after recovery, when there appeared signs of kidney trouble, which very rapidly developed into acute nephritis. Hector was taken to the School House and later to the Acland Home, where he died on Sunday 19th March.

Skipper and Hum went to the funeral at Ryde on the Isle of Wight.

And so we are not to have the joy of watching and perhaps helping the son of our dear Old Boy, at his father’s old school.

There is to be a Hector Leggett bed at the Wingfield Children’s Hospital at Headington and it is hoped that the Dragons will help from time to time towards its upkeep. There could be no more deserving call for help of healthy boys and girls than the provision of happiness and skilled treatment for their crippled brothers and sisters.

We hear that Mrs Leggett is coming herself to work in the hospital.”

AE Lynam (‘Hum’). 

Yesterday’s edition of the ISLE OF WIGHT TIMES included this on its front page:


Much grief and sympathy have been expressed at the death in the 
flower of his youth of Eric Hector, the only dearly loved child 
of the late Major E.H.G.LEGGETT, of Stonepits Ryde, at the age 
of 9½ years. He passed away at Oxford where he was at school, 
from nephritis following influenza and the remains were brought 
to Ryde for interment, the funeral taking place Thursday 
afternoon when Mr. Chas LANGDON was entrusted with the 
arrangements. A service was held at All Saint’s, which was 
conducted by the Vicar (the Rev. H. LE FLEMMING) who preceded 
the cortege to the cemetery.

The mourners included Col. HOWE (grandfather) and other 
relatives and there were some nice floral tokens from the 
following: Uncle Cecil; Capt. & Mrs. LEGGETT with deepest 
sympathy; from his cousin Lillian WEST; In deepest sympathy 
from Sir Hugh & Lady DALY; Aunt Ethel...

Lieut.-Col. & Mrs. BUCKMAN; “Servants at Stonepits”; 
Mr. and Mrs. Fred BOGER, Mrs. H.D. GRANT; Mr. & Mrs. Chas MORT; 
Betty, Peter and John; C. ANNESLEY, Mr. & Mrs. Henry SANDFORD, 
Lily, Gar, Gay, Mr. J.H.D.M. CAMPBELL (St Johns Park); in 
fullest sympathy from Mr. & Mrs. W. STRADLING who will always 
remember the happy days Hector spent at their house at Oxford;  
Mr. and Mrs. LYNAM (Oxford); "With Skipper’s love”.

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