November 13th 1920

We are very grateful for parents past and present who come to take part in our Sunday services. On last Sunday (November 7th), the day before the Dedication of our Memorial Cross, we were particularly fortunate to have someone as eminent as the Ven. Archdeacon of Oakham, Rev. WG Whittingham. His son, Lieut. Thomas Whittingham, having been killed leading an attack on the Hohenzollern Redoubt in October 1915, is one of those whose name is inscribed on the plinth of our Cross.

Having spoken on the tone and spirit of our school, as he sees it, Rev Whittingham went on to his main theme, that of service:

Rev. WG Whittingham

“What are the ideals and the efforts which are specially needed now, and which mark, I think, this school? The first is that which we are constantly having put before us in these days, the ideal of service. That is the great call of the present time, that we should learn not to live for ourselves, but to serve one another.

You may have heard the story of the stage coach that ran, I believe, in Scotland. It carried three classes of passengers, who paid first, second, or third class fares. There was no distinction, however, in seating; people sat where they liked; but when they came to a hill the guard appeared at the door and said, ‘First class passengers, sit where you are; second class passengers, get out and walk; third class passengers, get out and shove.’ 

There is a great deal in that story. We have had far too many first class passengers who only wanted to be carried, and carried in comfort. There have been and still are a good many second class passengers who are ready to exert themselves to their own advantage, but who don’t think beyond themselves. There is really no use for first and second class passengers today. We must all try not to please ourselves, or to get on ourselves, but to put our heart and our hand to the common service, and to help the whole thing along. That is the great ideal that we need, the ideal of service.”

Rev. Whittingham concluded that we should strive to be the best we can be, in order that we may do the best service we can do, as it would bring us personally the fullest blessing and satisfaction.

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