May 24th 1919

Capt. Charles Jerrard (Dorsets)

Another Old Boy has suffered an accidental death – this time by way of a motor bicycle accident. Charles Jerrard was travelling from Cologne to Bonn on May 15th when the crash occurred. The causes of it are as yet unknown.

Charles had a distinguished war, being ‘Mentioned in Despatches’ twice and winning the MC last November at Ors, when he dashed across the Sambre Canal, and with 18 men pushed forward, capturing 70 of the enemy, besides putting a number of machine guns out of action, and finally capturing a battery of 4.2 Howitzers.

He was twice wounded, and was admitted into Somerville Hospital in April 1918 to recover from mustard gas.

Earlier this year Charles was attached to the headquarters of the Lancashire Division as Sports Officer at Bonn.


I recall that on one of his ‘leaves’ a very fine smart young officer, whom I did not recognise at first, rode round to the School on his motor bicycle. He dashed up to me and with a hearty handshake said, ‘You don’t remember me, but I remember you very well and the whackings when I was sent in! And I expect I deserved them, sometimes at any rate.’



2 thoughts on “May 24th 1919

  1. Peggy Obrecht says:

    I do not know how you come up with all this information. (I suspect he did not deserve the whacking. That was a way of life in the boys’ schools I will never understand).


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