August 22nd 1918

Lieut. Will Scott

Capt. Walter Moberly

2nd Lieut. Gifford Turrell







Today, August 22nd, evokes mixed emotions, being the anniversary of the death of Will Scott on the one hand, and on the other hand, the occasion when Walter Moberly won his DSO.

They both took part in an attack made by the Ox & Bucks as a small part of the third battle at Ypres, along with Gifford Turrell, whilst another Old Dragon, Geoffrey Roserecorded events for posterity.

Whilst Walter’s conduct earned him the DSO, Will Scott was killed leading his company into the attack and Gifford Turrell suffered such severe wounds that he died of them nearly three months later. Thus, tragedy outweighed any pleasure one might have derived from Walter’s triumph.


We are very proud that the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry has included no fewer than 22 Old Dragons in their ranks:

Capt. CWH Bailie – mentioned in despatches; wounded

2nd Lieut. OC Blencowe – killed on the Somme (1916)

Major JJ Conybeare – MC

Lieut. LS Dowson – wounded

Lieut. JCB Gamlen

Lieut. JTS Hoey – Croix de Guerre; wounded

2nd Lieut. FH Holt – attached to Tank Corps

2nd Lieut. H Jefferson – killed near Ypres (1917)

Capt. S Marcon

Capt. WH Moberly – DSO, thrice wounded; twice mentioned in despatches

Lieut. JE Pogson Smith

Major DM Rose – wounded

Major GK Rose – MC & Bar; mentioned in despatches

Major RRS Rowell

Lieut. WD Scott – killed near Ypres (1917)

2nd Lieut. HA Smith – wounded

Lieut. HEF Smyth

Capt. RF Symonds – Croix de Guerre; twice wounded

2nd Lieut. HG Turrell – died of his wounds (November 1917)

Capt. WJL Wallace – disabled & invalided from the Service

Lieut. CL Wicks

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