April 18th 1918

Capt. George Thuillier (Devons)

Following a period when it was thought that George might have been wounded and captured, Mrs Thuillier has received the news that he is now known to have been killed on March 26th.

When the German offensive started, the Devons were thrown in to stem the flow as best they could. At present, the exact circumstances of George’s death are not clear, apart from the testament of a brother officer, who has written:

“He met his death when extricating his company from an exceedingly dangerous position, and that they withdrew in such good order is greatly due to his self-sacrifice.”

His body could not be recovered, owing to the rapid advance of the enemy.

George went to the RMC at Sandhurst when he left Dover College, and left it with a commission in July 1915. He went to the Front in July 1916 with the 2nd Battalion Devons, taking part in the battle of the Somme in September and October 1916.

He was slightly wounded in early 1917, but recovered well to be promoted in command of a Company in February 1917. He received the MC in the New Year’s Honour List this January.

At the OPS, he was famous for his fearless tackling and clever diving, and his bright sunny nature won him friends everywhere.

His pluck and his bright, sunny disposition, and his fondness for, and care of animals, made him a general favourite.


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