March 11th 1918

Progress is being made on the matter of a War Memorial and the statement below will appear in the April edition of the ‘Draconian.’

A meeting was held on Thursday March 7th.

Present were: Capt. WW Fisher CB MVO RN, Lieut.-Col W Collier RMAC, Capt. WT Collier MC RAMC, Lieut. SSG Leeson RNVR, Rev. LJ Percival, GC Vassall, AE Lynam, CC Lynam.

The other members of the Committee, viz Lieut.-Col SC Taylor DSO, CRL Fletcher, EB Poulton, Capt. GC Drinkwater, Lieut. JCB Gamlen, F Sidgwick, Capt. TO Thompson RAMC and A Beresford Horsley could not attend.

In choosing the Committee an endeavour was made to cover the years since the School came into existence. Mr Horsley, the father of four boys at present in the School, represents ‘the present time.’

Certain definite lines were discussed and approved.

  1. The objects of the War Memorial should be to inform and inspire present and future Dragons.
  2. The proposal of a building, whether Chapel or Hall, is open to objections: (a) it would require a larger sum of money than we could expect to receive, remembering that our boys are not drawn from the wealthy classes, (b) a building, except at enormous expense, could not be put up for several years after the war is ended, (c) though it might be a useful adjunct to the School, it would not fulfil the objects as stated above: it would be taken, in after times, as a natural part of the School buildings.
  3. There should be no possibility of the idea that the fund raised was for the pecuniary benefit of the School as a property – and this consideration rules out bursaries or exhibitions to be held by boys at the School.
  4. The Committee unanimously approved of the proposal that a sculptured Cross should be erected in a prominent place in the School grounds, with a pedestal on which the names of Old Boys and Masters who have given their lives in the cause of duty should be inscribed; and that books and albums should be provided which should give further information about them and their deeds.
  5. Any balance that remained might well go to aid the very useful Leaving Exhibition* fund, but this will be discussed again at a future meeting.
  6. It was hoped that all Old Boys or their parents would subscribe, rather than that a few should give large sums.
  7. As a result of subsequent conversations and correspondence, it was decided that some annual commemoration, in the way of an Encenia** should be held.

It maybe added that Mr C Lynam FRIBA, FSA, the father of the present Headmaster, and the author of many works on Archaeology and an expert student of Old Crosses, has promised to give a design and description of a sculptured Cross. The drawings will be sent to the Old Boys and will appear in the ‘Draconian’. This does not, of course, imply that the particular design will necessarily be accepted.

Any money received is invested in War Bonds, so as to be at the disposal of the Country. The fund currently stands at a sum of  £263.  


* (The Leavers’ Exhibitions date back to 1908, when on being asked what I would like to mark my 50th birthday, I said I would much appreciate subscriptions to a Leavers’ Fund to enable me to give leaving exhibitions to help boys whose parents are not very well off to go to good public schools. The first such award was made to the future V.C. winner, Jack Smyth).

** (For those whose Greek is a little rusty, an Encenia is a festival of renewal).

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