November 1st 1917

Lieut. Gustavus Hume-Gore (Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders)

News from German East Africa takes time to reach our shores and only recently have we heard of the death of Lieut. Gus Hume-Gore, who since December has been attached to the King’s African Rifles.

The bare facts are that he was killed in a battle fought at Nakadi River, 28 miles from Lindi on October 17th.

He was involved in an attack on German troops near Mahiwa, driving them back over what was a dry river bed. However, the exact manner in which Gus met his death is unknown.

We were most grateful to Gus for his descriptions of the conditions faced by our troops in East Africa, written within a week of his death. Illness was rife, but it was noted that in his time with the Battalion he had never been taken sick, and was one of only three in the Battalion not to require hospital treatment.

One thought on “November 1st 1917

  1. Robert Harknrss says:

    There is a grave stone in the style of a CWG stone in the churchyard of Dunlop Kirk, Dunlop, Ayrshire, Scotland. This is a memorial stone placed next to his late father’s grave – Capt GRV Hume Gore (Seaforths). CWGC records show that despite a Kipling memorial to him in Dar Es Salaam, CWGC, his original burial site in Mahiwa cemetery was lost.


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