July 23rd 1916

Yesterday we came to the end of another school year and, as always, we concluded with our annual Prize Day.

I took the opportunity to pay tribute to the role that our Old Boys have played in the War in my annual speech to the parents:

“I cannot but strike a sad note and yet a very proud one on looking back on the past year; sorrow that in the War we have lost so many very dear Old Boys and Masters; pride in knowing that they have fallen gloriously in the noble field of duty and honour. We are indeed proud of them one and all: 31 killed, 52 wounded, 1 VC, 1 CB, 8 DSO, 14 MC, 3 Special Promotions, 4 Legion of Honour, 1 Croix de Guerre, 1 Order of St George and 34 Old Dragons Mentioned in Despatches.

It seems a terrible grim Fate which has robbed us of these our friends in their youth and manhood, and yet if the veil were lifted we might understand that it is not all sheer waste, that the life and death and memory of each one of them is a stone upon the Altar of holy doing and deserving, which will raise us and all who have known them nearer to a heaven of love and peace.

Let us look to a happy day, in no distant future, when the blast of war’s great organ shall be hushed in peace, and victory shall have crowned our great sacrifice.”

The holidays ahead, in the current circumstances, will I fear continue to bring further unwelcome news for many of us. May our children, at least, endeavour to enjoy them as much as they ever did.


Christmas Term starts September 20th 1916



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