January 7th 1916


NB Tyrwhitt

Major Nathaniel Tyrwhitt (Queen’s Westminster Rifles)

The Times yesterday listed Nathaniel Tyrwhitt as having died in action.

He was at the OPS during the time of my predecessor, Mr Clarke, and we don’t have any records of his life and doings as a Dragon.

After the OPS, he completed his education at the Gymnasium Zum Heiligen Kreuz at Dresden. Then, for 23 years he was in the Army, seeing service in the South African War.

He has been in Flanders since November 1914 with the 16th (County of London) Battalion. He went through a gas attack in December of that year and took part in the battle at Hooge in July 1915.

He was making a round with the Brigade Commander on the 28th December at Ypres, when a large shell came through the entrance of the dug-out they were in and killed them both instantaneously.

He was second cousin to Commodore Reginald Tyrwhitt, who is currently in charge of the Harwich Force.

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