December 5th 1915

Raymond Venis

2nd Lieut. Raymond Venis (IARO., 48th Pioneers)

The death of Raymond Venis was announced in the Times of December 3rd.

When war broke out, Raymond joined the Indian Army Reserve of Officers and was attached to the 48th Pioneers. He went to Mesopotamia with the expeditionary force in February and was killed in the battle at Ctesiphon on November 22nd.

He showed courage and endurance under the heaviest of fire, earning the respect of his fellow officers. While lying mortally wounded on the battlefield, he continued to cheer his men on.

Raymond left the OPS in 1902 to go to Repton. From there he went to RMC Sandhurst and was duly commissioned in the South Staffs. Regiment. However, he resigned from the army in 1907 to join a Calcutta firm. His varied career took him into the Postal Department in Burma, indigo planting in Behar and he was with the Burma Para Rubber Company prior to the war.



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