November 6th 1915

Yesterday, Mrs Hum (Lynam) received this touching letter from Alasdair Macdonell‘s mother:

6 Chad letter 1


Dear Mrs Lynam,

I could not write and thank you and Mr Lynam before, so only sent a formal card. I am enclosing one of the cards in memory of my boy – Mr Billson was an old college friend of my husband’s and knew Alasdair since he was a baby. I like the verses on the back so much. You were quite right in what you said. The bond between



6 Chad letter 2my boy and me was ideal – he was the most tender loving son any mother could have, and so unselfish and bright – for all his thoughts as he left were for me and his father and sisters but not a thought for himself or his danger. If letters could help (and they do) the number we have had from his friends whom we never knew would make any mother proud – and the tender note in them all was wonderful –  showing what intense love they all bore him – please thank your husband for his more than kind letter.

Yours very sincerely,

M. Louise Macdonell



Macdonell card 1

Macdonell card 2

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