I am sailing on the ‘Blue Dragon’ off Norway with limited communications. I will post news as best I can until I return in time for the start of the School Term. Skipper.

Term starts on September 23rd 1914.

 Skipper cropped August 3rd. We heard all sorts of horrible rumours about war and mobilising; how much is true, I don’t know; but rumour says the Germans have sunk the Russian fleet and invaded France.

August 4th. We were immediately boarded by the British Consul, who brought us a telegram – ‘English vessels warned not to put into German ports.’ Then a gloomy day ended with the awful news that England had declared war against Germany. We do not know what we shall do, and it is too hideous to contemplate.

August 5th. It seems that the Germans have invaded Belgium and that England sent an ultimatum last night. Everything seems in chaos. That we should go to war with Germany because the Serbians will not apologise for the murder of the Archduke of Austria appear too idiotic, but the fat seems to be in the fire with a vengeance.

August 11th. My crew are heading back to England and I must put off my plans to sail to Bergen till the war is over and the monstrous German terror is a thing of the past.


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